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In an imperfect world, doesn't it feel good when a collection is clean? Make it a point to feel good more often.

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Risk is inherent to any international sales transaction, minimizing the risk every step of the way is integral to the bottom line.

Sales, Operations, Logistics, and Finance; All of your departments can benefit from Training. We know that getting people out of the office can be very difficult.

Even so, as a Seller, you need everyone from your front line sales to your top office to understand the processes of the Letter of Credit. We can train you not only on Letter's of Credit, but also training on the latest Incoterms. Training at your facility, covering exactly what You want to learn, in the time frame you want.

We can even take existing Letters of Credit that you may have on hand and go through each one of the documents required and show you how and why documents should be done for a clean collection.

A good Letter of Credit is a reflection of good negotiation with your client up front. If you know what it takes to have a good working Letter of Credit, you can establish it at contract stage.

We can travel anywhere you need us, nationwide or internationally. We can be there for you.

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Letter of Credit Compliance

Exporters know that Compliance is a major concern in every aspect. In the critical area of getting paid, when the mechanism is a Letter of Credit, compliance is the only way to be assured a timely and cost efficient transaction.

We know the collection solution...

Let us show you the way to compliant and expedient with tried and true LC management processes.


Letter of Credit Collection.com has over 25 years of experience in Letter of Credit Documentation and presentation. We are committed to getting our clients paid and to passing on our LC knowledge.


It's simple. We believe that our place in the community is to lead the industry with the highest level of accuracy and performance.

With our in depth knowledge of Logistics and International Trade combined with our LC expertise, we are a powerful combination and strategic business tool for you.

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