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Documentation Preparation
Letter of Credit Compliance


Frankly, it's all about the documents. Getting paid and getting goods through customs are critical.. Our experience in International Logistics is our driving force behind understanding how a Letter of Credit can actually facilitate the transaction.

Leave it up to us for compliant Letter of Credit Documentation.

We prepare all documents (or masters; sample draft  instructions for a third party to emit) as required for by the Letter of Credit. Such as, but not limited to:

Commercial Documents: Commercial Invoice - Packing List - Weight Note - Certificate of Warranty - Certificate of Guarantee - Certificate of Quality - Certificate of Quantity - Any Beneficiary's Certificate -

Official Documents: Chamber of Commerce stamped Certificate of Origin - Legazlization -

Third Party Documents: Master template for Inspection Certficates - Form 11- Certificae of Analysis

Insurance Documents: Insurance Certificate or Insurance Policy - Fax / Email Notification to Buyer or Insurance Company

Transport Documents: Master template for the AWB or Bill of Lading - Waiver Letter -Road or Rail Documents

Financial Documents: Sight Draft - Payment Instructions - Bill of Exchange - Cash Against Document Collections


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Letter of Credit Collection.com has over 25 years of experience in Letter of Credit Documentation and presentation. We are committed to getting our clients paid and to passing on our LC knowledge.


It's simple. We believe that our place in the community is to lead the industry with the highest level of accuracy and performance.

With our in depth knowledge of Logistics and International Trade combined with our LC expertise, we are a powerful combination and strategic business tool for you.

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