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Our Training Testimonials
What our attendees are talking about

Our attendees are talking! Here are a few of them:


J. Nuila
Houston - Exporter to Iraq

"I found the class very helpful and easy to understand. It was very open and made the participant feel accessible to the information and was layed out in a very user-friendly way. Jolie has a way of making the participants feel knowlegeable in their field and reassures their skills.

I would definitely recommend this class to others! (Also, the food is great!)

J. Lamprecht
Houston - Logistics Provider, Worldwide

"I enjoyed the class! It was very interactive which keeps you interested and allows you to follow the class easily. Thanks!"

D. Thompson
Louisiana - Manufacturer/Exporter, Worldwide

"I came into the class with little or no understanding of the LC Process. Jolie's class does a great job of breaking down Letters of Credit their processes into information that I could understand.

Jolie did a good job of making the class very informative and lively! The material supplied will be a great resource for handling future LC's!

Great Class!"

R. Smith
Houston - Exporter, Worldwide

"We have had a terrible time with LC's and this class has given me a new outlook and understanding of how to create the documents correctly. Jolie kept us all laughing and participating and shared not only what she knows and how to apply it, but allowed us to bring in our own LC examples and showed us how we should be creating the banking documents. I can't wait to get back to work with this new knowledge- and templates!.

I wish I'd had this class years ago!"

S. Ardoin
Louisiana - Manufacturer/Exporter, Turkey

"I really enjoyed the light air with which this hard subject was presented! Great Reference Materials!"

S. English
Houston - Logistics Provider, Worldwide

"I have really benefited from this class! It has given me a more detailed view of Letters of Credit.

I now have a much better understanding of how to prepare documents!"

N. Barrera
Houston - Exporter, Saudi Arabia

"Dear Jolie, This class was very informative and very interesting! I learned a lot in this seminar and I see that LC's encompass so many details and it is not as easy as it may seem. Thank you !"

T. Burkhalter
Houston - Manufacturer/Exporter, Worldwide

"Jolie, I learned alot about Letters of Credit and all of the in's and out's behind them. For a 'first timer' I can say that the fear of working with LC's is much lighter. You have a good knowledge of what you do and the areas behind them. Thank you for a great class!"

R. Unni
Houston - Ship Owner/Vessel Operator

"Great Program! I learned a lot. It was very inormative; Especially the secret 'tips'!"



C. Taylor
Houston - Logistics Provider, Worldwide

"After taking this Letter of Credit Class it has helped me to understand LC's to a greater extent.

Thank you Jolie for taking the time to answer all of our questions! Great class!"

L. Saad
Houston - Manufacturer/Exporter Worldwide

"This class was very informative and I will take with me knowledge and a better understanding of Letters of Credit and the documentation required!

I would recommend this class!"

B. McCarty
Houston- Logistics Provider, Worldwide

"This was a very enjoyable and informative class!

I love Jolie's enthusiasm! She kept us all awake!

I would recommend this class!"

D. Baker
Beaumont- Exporter, Worldwide

"My favorite aspect of the seminar was the actual discussion of the Parties/Process of the Letter of Credit and seeing the different perspectives (Freight Forwarder, Buyer, Seller, Banks etc.)"

C. Serres
Houston - Logistics Provider, Worldwie

"Good class with lots of useful information! Jolie made the difficult information interesting and clear!"


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With our in depth knowledge of Logistics and International Trade combined with our LC expertise, we are a powerful combination and strategic business tool for you.

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