We get documents right, the first time.
In an imperfect world, doesn't it feel good when a collection is clean? Make it a point to feel good more often.

Zero Discrepancy LC Guarantee We Stand by our Work.

We know what it takes to create clean documents. We've done it time after time. We've taught it in our workshops and have been a Letter of Credit Resource for years not only for countless Shippers and Manufacturers, Exporters, Traders and Freight Forwarders directly, but also as professional trainers for The Greater Houston Chamber of Commerce, District Export Council, Houston Export University, ITMA (International Transportation Management Association, OWIT (Organization of Women in Transportation), NACM (National Association of Credit Managers), U.S. Export Assistance Administration, and Houston Community College educational forums

We understand that with this experience, comes responsibility. We stand by our work and committ to our zero tolerance goal of Zero Discrepancies. Discrepancies cost you money and even if documents are corrected- bank fees are taken directly out of your proceeds. We would not be keeping our responsibility to you if we stood by and let that happen.

While our standards are high and we have quality control procedures in place to avoid any discrepancy, we understand that there will be times that the bank may spot an item that simply did not make the grade. Our promise to all of our clients is that if any document we create is found to be discrepant, we will immediately correct the problem, resubmit on a priority basis and directly cover any bank discrepancy fee the advising bank may have to charge and allow you to receive your proceeds in full. You will never have to pay for any oversight on documents we issue.

Give us the opportunity and you will learn to love the ease and reliabilty of working with Letter of Credit Collection.com.



Letter of Credit Collection.com has over 25 years of experience in Letter of Credit Documentation and presentation and is committed to getting our clients paid and passing on our LC knowledge.


It's simple. We believe that our place in the community is to lead the industry with the highest level of accuracy and performance.

With our in depth knowledge of Logistics and International Trade combined with our LC expertise, we are a powerful combination and strategic business tool for you.

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