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Learning to Love Letters of Credit


100 Series - Introductory

  • The use of the letters of credit as a tool to reduce risk has grown substantially over the past decade. The Introductory Series will give the newly initiated of international business an understanding of how the LC functions as the payment vehicle in an international sale.
  • Introduction to Letters of Credit:

    • What is a Letter of Credit and How can I use it to Get Paid?
      In this class, you will learn the basics. What is the Commercial Letter of Credit, Who are the parties, their scope and functions and the step by step process from Establishing a Letter of Credit to Collection of Funds.
    • Introduction to Letters of Credit Class

      Class Time: 1:00 - 3:30 Cost $ 65.00


200 Series - Intermediate

  • Letters of Credit 201:
  • The ABC's of LC's
  • This portion of the course is designed for personnel seeking skills to identify and communicate with Buyers, Banks, Logistics Intermediaries, and others in developing the structure of a Letter of Credit. Topics in this series include: The Breakdown of a Letter of Credit, The Swift Fields, Reimbursing Instructions, how Drafts should be drawn, what should go into the drafting and structure of a Letter of Credit and what should not. Combining the 100 Series Letter of Credit 101 class and Letters of Credit 201, this class will give you an immediate advantage in LC Management.

The ABC's of LC's Interactive Workshop for effective LC Management

Class Time: 8:30 - 4:30 Cost $ 385.00

Cost includes: Seminar - Training Materials - CD Document Template Disc - Certificate - Continental Breakfast - Chef's Choice Buffet Lunch


NEXT CLASS: April 16, 2015

  • Letters of Credit 202:
    It's All About the Documents - Zero Discrepancy Documentation Preparation
  • This class is strictly for those people who are responsible for creating Export Documents that will trigger the payment to a Letter of Credit. We will review the OCEAN BILL OF LADING, AIR WAY BILL, FORWARDERS CERTIFICATE OF RECEIPT, COMMERCIAL INVOICE, PACKING LIST, CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN, CERTIFICATE OF WARRANTY/GUARANTEE, INSURANCE CERTIFICATE AND DRAFT. We will teach you how to read the LC and mark it for easy identification of key document points. We will also review the most common discrepancies and how to avoid them, with an inside look through a bank checkers eyes.

Zero Discrepancy Workshop for Creating Clean Documents

Class Date: TBD

Class Time: 9:00 - 4:30 Cost $ 385.00

Cost includes: Seminar - Training Materials - CD Document Template Disc - Certificate - Continental Breakfast - Chef's Choice Buffet Lunch

Discrepancy Avoidance Training

Class Time 1:00 - 3:30 Cost $ 65.00

300 Series - Advanced


Letters of Credits for the Advanced Use 301 - Transferrable, Back to Back, & Stand By LC's

This class will take on topics that are for the experienced in commercial LC's but not proficient in areas such as Transferrable LC's, Back to Back LC's, and Stand By LC's. By completeing these courses you will have a full rounded knowlege of LC payment vehicles and the pros and cons and alternative uses of each one.


Letters of Credits for the Advanced Use 301 - Transferrable, Back to Back, & Stand By LC's:

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Many Learning Opportunities to choose from:

LC Workshops: From basic introduction to LC's, in depth step by step instructions on how to prepare letter of credit documentation. Get tried and true techniques, points, tips and complete guide on how to create clean documents.

Impact Training: Find it hard to get out of the office but still need to have the knowlege to get the job done? We offer quick two and three hour classes that don't take much of your time but pack in a significant amount of information that will get you trained to speak the credit language.

LC Trainer To Go: Offering Private in-house training at your facility, 1 or 100; Custom designed for you.

LC Personal Trainer: One on One Private training at our facility, Custom designed for you.

LC LIVE- Training and Consulting on your actual LC Shipments: Learn as you go, Live Training during the actual sales process. Hands on learning will give you an experience you won't forget! Let us prepare your Export Documents as we guide you through a step by step process that will get the job done and get you paid. Please consult with us for affordable pricing for nationwide Trainer or the go and LC LIVE LEARN.









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