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In an imperfect world, doesn't it feel good when a collection is clean? Make it a point to feel good more often.

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Our mission is simple:

"To pass on our wisdom earned from experience to all who have a desire to learn, to use the Letter of Credit as a tool for the seller to be paid quickly and fairly, to ensure that the buyer has the accurate and timely documents they need to clear customs and that the Letter of Credit is not a point of anxiety, rather that it fulfills its promise of purpose and protection meant for all parties.."

Regardless of where you stand in the international transaction, Seller, Buyer, Freight Forwarder, Carrier, or anyone who needs to know. Call us. We can support you.

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You won't know us until you try, but our clients know

“ After working with Letter of Credit Collection.com we don't consider doing our documents any other way! They bring considerable value to our international sales transactions.. We can sell knowing that our money is coming FAST! This is one company that is true to their commitments! „
- D.Gutierrez, Finance Director, Houston


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Letter of Credit Collection.com has over 25 years of experience in Letter of Credit Documentation and presentation. We are committed to getting our clients paid and to passing on our LC knowledge.


It's simple. We believe that our place in the community is to lead the industry with the highest level of accuracy and performance.

With our in depth knowledge of Logistics and International Trade combined with our LC expertise, we are a powerful combination and strategic business tool for you.

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